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Pest Control Services

Lahore's Preferred Pest Professionals since 1997!

termite control

Safe Havens was established in early 1997 and commenced termite & other pest control services in Lahore with the distribution of insecticide produced and marketed from the government sector. Simultaneously pre as well as post Construction anti-termite (deemak) treatment services in Lahore were also started. The setup continued to expand its operation and a multinational company also appointed Safe Havens Enterprises as their sole distributors for their product in Pakistan. In the year 2004, Safe Havens Enterprises started import and marketing of a highly effective Termiticide under the brand name of “Protect FN”, containing a novel active ingredient “Fipronil”, which is highly effective for termite treatment in residential and commercial environments.

Safe Havens is manned by a qualified and experienced Entomologist plus Supervisors and Personnel who have been in the ever growing field of termite control services for a considerable period. Safe Havens take pride in being “Front Line Professional” who have served a long list of satisfied clients.


To continuously improve our services and meet our customers' needs and requirements with professionalism, competence, high quality services and dependability. Service professionalism encompasses appearance, communication and execution of our responsibilities with respect, understanding and thoroughness. At Safe Havens Enterprises, our mission is exceptional service. Guided by tradition and integrity, we will earn customer confidence through results that deliver peace of mind. Exceptional service exceeds expectations, where the standards and level of service received surpass what could reasonably be defined as normal or expected.

Leading Our Industry

Our founder, Naeem Akram, and our company’s senior leadership team are frequent contributors to national, state and local industry associations. We also regularly contribute articles and columns to major trade publications and serve as industry experts for local media.

Environment Friendly

Our practices and the insecticides used are odorless and environment friendly! The termite treatment does not require the premises to be vacated and any odor will be dissipated in a matter of hours. Our certified chemicals are not manufactured in any way which are harmful to the environment and are safe to use around children.


Safe Havens Enterprises is committed to providing fast and effective pest control services to residential, commercial and property management clients across Lahore and surrounding vicinities. Our courteous staff and knowledgeable technicians are expertly trained to identify issues before they escalate, and find solutions to existing problems where others have failed.


Safe Havens manages pest control and prevents infestations through Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is a system of controlling pests by combining biological, mechanical, cultural, physical and chemical control methods in a way that minimizes economic, health and environmental risks. Pests and potential risks for infestations are monitored through regular and careful inspections.


We envision Safe Havens Enterprises to achieve favorable customer satisfaction and earn recognition as one of the leading household pest & termite (deemak) control professionals in the country.


Total commitment to serving our customers by providing highly skilled and dedicated service, continuing growth for the company and security for its employees and clients.