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Termite Treatment in Lahore

PROTECT - Formulated for Termite Control

There may a number of reasons 'why your house was infected by termites'. What sets apart Safe Havens from other pest or termite control services is the insecticide or the formulation of chemical we use. We take pride in using an optimized chemical formulation, which is highly effective against termites. This is the only reason we guarantee a termite free environment for up to 5 years.

Protect contains Fipronil, a revolutionary new, non-repellent or undetectable chemical technology for termite or deemak control. Fipronil has a different mode of action than any common insecticides. It disrupts the nervous system of termites, including the brain and spinal cord, by interfering with the ability of the nerve cells to transmit nerve impulses, and hence is highly effective for termite control and proofing. The result is uncontrolled activity leading to death of termites and their respective colonies.

Protect is non repellent to termites, so the termites exposed to lower concentrates of Protect fumigation do not detect the chemical and will not try to avoid it. This is very advantageous for both termite treatment and proofing. The termites continue to forge through the affected soil unaware that they have been affected. As termites are social creatures and live in colonies, when affected termites return to the colony, they share the infection with other termites through contact. The whole colony eventually becomes affected and gradually dies. Through this unique “Transfer Effect” the chemical can cause the entire nest to be finished.

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Termite Control Method

A specialist will perform a thorough examination of you home by checking your basement or crawlspace for moisture, your foundation for wood debris, and other risk areas that may attract an infestation. You can check for a termite infestation yourself by visiting our 'Signs of Termite Infestation' page. We will identify access points of termites of your house and provide a plan that will be tailored made for your house. In case of subterrenian termites and in order to termite proof your house, we will drill & inject the pesticide at the outer barrier as well along the inside walls. This ensures a double action method for termite proofing.

Furthermore, we will locally spray the insecticide on any infected wood. In case of a heavy infestation of termites, it is recommended to remove the wood from the house, altogether. For an estimate on the cost of treatment, please visit our 'Termite Treatment Cost' page.